Healthy Living as a Blog and Business Owner

When we spend our days sitting at a computer or desk, blogging, talking on the phone, and doing other business tasks, it can be hard to live healthier. I know I personally struggle with finding a balance between all the work I need to do, eating healthy, getting exercise, and drinking enough water. I’ll be sharing some of the tips that have helped me when juggling a busy lifestyle with working from home:

Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day

A healthy breakfast, or even a healthy smoothie or a piece of whole grain toast, can make a big difference in how we feel and how we go about our day’s goals. It starts the day off on a good note and sets you up for success. Having a healthy breakfast along with your coffee or other choice of caffeine can actually train your brain that you are ready for a day of healthy meals and snacks!


Plan ahead for lunch and dinner

Depending on what meal you eat while you are doing a bulk of your work, plan ahead for it. You can literally prepare food ahead of time or you can simply decide this particular food or meal is what you will be eating. If you log your food into some sort of database, logging the food ahead of time can be very beneficial. It increases the chance that you’ll stick to it when it comes time to have that meal. You can look ahead to each meal and be reminded that it’s a good choice for you.

Then, for whatever meal that you eat that isn’t during your work time, plan ahead for that one as well. It depends on different factors what this might mean for you. For me, it would mean preparing easy to fix meal ingredients to be fixed later such as setting meat out to thaw, making sure I have the right ingredients in the fridge or cupboards, and whatever else needs to be checked beforehand. Other ideas include preparing a casserole to pop in the oven when it’s time, slow cooker meals that cook while you’re working, or cooking ahead of time.


Get up and move at certain intervals throughout your work day

Make sure you don’t spend too much time sitting in a row before taking a break to walk around the house, stretch, or even take a short walk to the mailbox or corner and back. We need this movement to get the blood and creative juices flowing again. Too much sitting can be bad for our backs, joints, and also our mental wellbeing as well.

Keep healthy snacks close by

For when a snack attack comes, have those healthy snacks handy. There are so many choices for this too. Some of my personal favorites are granola bars, dried fruit, nuts or seeds, pre-cut fruit or veggies, and crackers. Having something close by to grab when the hunger pangs start makes it easier to make a wise choice!


Drink enough water

It might not be desirable to have to get up to use the restroom a lot while you’re working, but water is essential to hydration. When you aren’t hydrated, it can cause you to have a headache faster or even feel tired or parched. Keep a glass or bottle of water on your desk to take sips from throughout your work and you will notice the difference it makes in how you feel!

Take a walk at a low point during your work day

When your workload lessens a bit, or you simply need a break from work to clear your head, go outside and take a walk. Get some of that sunshine and fresh air! If you can’t get outside because of bad weather, then do a workout inside or walk in place for a little while. As your heart rate increases and you get some physical activity, you will likely feel revitalized and refreshed. It always makes me feel good and ready to get to work again!


See! Living healthy while you work as a blog and business owner does not have to be so difficult. Take these simple steps each day and start feeling better both physically and mentally. Sometimes it can be hard to get into a rhythm with the new, or not so new, routine of working from home with your blog and business. However, it is very much worth it!



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